• Tired of Running and Jumping

    Tired of Running and Jumping

    Not “sit on the couch and read a good book,” then?

  • My Title, My Choice

    My Title, My Choice

    I never really bothered using my title before. But in solidarity with Dr. Biden, to demonstrate my freedom of choice, own my authority, and to be a role model to other women who may want to pursue higher education, I will damn well start using it now.

  • Postcard from Borneo

    Postcard from Borneo

    After we got married in Thailand, we had our honeymoon in Borneo. Among mountain climbing, temple-gazing, and snorkelling, we saw many amazing kinds of wildlife. Seeing orangutans in the wild was very special, but I also love the proboscis monkeys, with their humanoid noses and sitting postures.

  • Seth Godin’s provocative call to just ship it

    Seth Godin’s provocative call to just ship it

    I recently finished reading The Practice: Shipping Creative Work: the latest book from Seth Godin. In case you haven’t heard of Godin, he’s the marketing guru that famously publishes short thought-provoking blogs daily, and sends those blog posts as emails. In the book, Godin sets up the idea of creativity as a deliberate practice, one […]

  • Creativity and alone time in the pandemic

    Creativity and alone time in the pandemic

    This post has taken me months to write. It’s not like I’ve been slogging over it, crafting every word and rewriting it a hundred times until it’s just so. Rather, it’s been written in short bursts. Just a sentence here, a sentence there, and then a long period of rest until I had time to […]