• Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park

    The most amazing thing about Yellowstone National Park is its variety of incredible features in a relatively small area. In one day, it’s possible to see bison grazing in the valley, a huge canyon with stunning waterfall, bubbling mud pits, rainbow lakes, geysers, and more.

  • Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

    Since being the location for many iconic scenes in movies, Monument Valley has long been a place I’ve wanted to see. Although the park was closed due to the pandemic, there are still amazing views to be seen from the road.

  • The Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    In July 2021, I was lucky enough to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. It was an incredible way to experience it, giving perspective that is impossible to see from a lookout on the rim. A place that made me involuntarily gasp “Wow!”

  • Johnny’s 9th Birthday Cake

    Johnny’s 9th Birthday Cake
  • Creativity and Flow

    Creativity and Flow

    I came to Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, thinking that I already knew what it was. A fairly dense, though canonical and oft-cited academic work on the psychology of the “flow state”: that rare, almost reverent state of creativity in which the practitioner is totally immersed in what they’re doing. In this “flow state,” as I […]