• My first mini-zine

    My first mini-zine

    Zines have been on the periphery of my creative world for quite awhile. I’ve bought them, read them, and mused about how my cartoon-making might find an IRL expression in their pages. And whenever Austin Kleon shares his zine-making process, I am reminded to try it out. But it’s never been quite the right time. This week, the stars aligned.

  • Mindful Sketching

    Mindful Sketching

    I’m sitting next to the pool at my parents’ house, enjoying the first brief moment of relaxation after a busy week. Reading a magazine on my iPad, I am soon disturbed by the unmistakable laugh of the kookaburra.

  • P2: The Comic

    P2: The Comic

    At Automattic, we use P2 in place of email. P2 is actually a WordPress theme, and it’s deployed across a vast network of internal blogs. These blogs replace email, and allow us to work effectively asynchronously. P2 is so much better than email, and is completely transparent, searchable, cross-linked, and archived. In fact, everyone at […]

  • Taylor Swift

    “Creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning bolt idea moment, and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down.” Taylor Swift, 73 Questions With Taylor Swift, Vogue

  • Cian’s 7th Birthday Cake

    Cian’s 7th Birthday Cake