• Luna Park, Sydney

    Luna Park, Sydney

    In the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge sits an old and somewhat run-down amusement park: Luna Park Sydney. Made famous by its giant clown-faced entrance, the park is a fantastic place to take colourful photos.

  • Postcard from Borneo

    Postcard from Borneo

    After we got married in Thailand, we had our honeymoon in Borneo. Among mountain climbing, temple-gazing, and snorkelling, we saw many amazing kinds of wildlife. Seeing orangutans in the wild was very special, but I also love the proboscis monkeys, with their humanoid noses and sitting postures.

  • Sydney Harbour at sunset

    Sydney Harbour at sunset

    When I took this photo, I knew I’d soon be moving away from my hometown. Looking back on it now, I’m filled with a mix of emotions. Such a famous scene, captured millions of times and reproduced in countless ways, is also so familiar, the place I grew up in, and know so well. I am far away from it now, but it will always be a part of me.

  • The launch that never was

    The launch that never was

    In 2010, we travelled all the way from Sydney, Australia, to Cocoa Beach in Florida to watch one of the last space shuttle launches. We’d been told it was a can’t-miss experience. We always knew there was a chance it would be scrubbed, and of course, it was – delayed for months. But we still visited the Kennedy Space Center and I imagined this astronaut, floating away…