• Finding Creativity in the Repetition of Theatre

    Finding Creativity in the Repetition of Theatre

    Rehearsal and performance require very different mindsets. How does an actor find creative fulfilment in both modalities?

  • Putting Creativity to Work

    Putting Creativity to Work

    You don’t need a “creative role” to be creative at work. There are really no limits to how you can bring your unique, authentic creativity!

  • The Creativity of Voiceover Auditioning

    The Creativity of Voiceover Auditioning

    What if a successful audition is defined by the creative satisfaction you get from it?

  • Frank Gehry

    Frank Gehry

    “The most important takeaway is to be yourself. And not try to be me or anyone else. You can be inspired by characters like me…but in the end, it’s gotta be you, your conscience, your talent, your mind.” Frank Gehry, Masterclass

  • My first mini-zine

    My first mini-zine

    Zines have been on the periphery of my creative world for quite awhile. I’ve bought them, read them, and mused about how my cartoon-making might find an IRL expression in their pages. And whenever Austin Kleon shares his zine-making process, I am reminded to try it out. But it’s never been quite the right time. This week, the stars aligned.