My first mini-zine

I made a mini-zine!

Zines have been on the periphery of my creative world for quite awhile. I’ve bought them, read them, and mused about how my cartoon-making might find an IRL expression in their pages. And whenever Austin Kleon shares his zine-making process, I am reminded to try it out. But it’s never been quite the right time.

This week, the stars aligned.

Thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s Kids Art Parcel, a bit of time, and a beach house holiday, I was finally able to make time for inspiration to strike. That inspiration was close to home–or, home away from home–in the story of our many beachside holidays in this house.

Making the mini-zine reminded me of the pleasure of submerging myself in making a physical creative piece. Every stroke of permanent ink and swipe of glue requires such focus and care, that everything else washes away.

Bonus: Making zines alongside my kids meant this feeling could be shared (though I’m pretty sure I got more invested in it than they did!).

Inspired? Watch this video tutorial to get started making your own mini-zine.

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