Comics in docs

At the 2019 Write the Docs conference in Portland, I gave a lightning talk entitled Comics in Docs. In the talk, I go over some basics of comics, and then make the case for their use in documentation.

I even made a comic book as the slides, which created some interesting moments of being totally dwarfed by my cartoon self!

Find the video and downloadable comic book below.

I talked through a comic book I produced on the topic, which can be found below. To download it as a PDF, click here! You can also watch a video of the talk here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun fact! I had two lightning talks prepared for Write the Docs. The other was a comic called Distributed Docs, outlining the way we collaborate at work using the P2 theme. Since I went to all the trouble of making it, I thought I may as well share it here (PDF download): Distributed Docs.


I mentioned a bunch of things in my talk that you might be interested in exploring further:


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